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GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Practice Test

agosto 2, 2019

It is an old saying “Practice makes a man perfect,” so when you are going to take an exam, you should always prepare yourself through a various practice test. The practice test will help you to understand your level of preparation and you will able to focus on the topics which you find difficult to answer. For GRE preparation also, you should take a practice test before the actual exam. The more you will practice, the better you perform on the exam.

You will find numerous companies that provide both free and paid GRE practice tests. Although there are plenty of options available in the market, you should make a list of a few top companies which can provide you with quality practice tests to help you in clearing your GRE with good score.

The GRE General Test comprises of various sections that are made to check the thinking that you will do in graduates.

Verbal Reasoning – It examines your ability to analyze and evaluate the written materials, and synthesizing the information obtained from it. It checks your analyzing ability about the relationship between various components of the parts of sentences and to recognize the relationship between the words and concepts.

Quantitative Reasoning– It checks the problem- solving ability of a candidate by using various mathematical concepts such as Geometry, data analytics, arithmetic, and algebra.

Analytical Writing – Here your critical thinking and analytical writing skills are measured

Some of the best companies to take practice tests for your GRE are:

1. ETS PowerPrep Tests – There are two free sets of GRE practice sets provided by ETS. The actual exam designs the practice sets and covers all the sections of syllabus of GRE. After going through the practice tests, you will come to know how much effort you will have to put for the actual exam. The PowerPrep is one of the best GRE practice test source and will help you to perform best on the GRE exam.

2. CruchPrep Tests – The practice test of CruchPrep are very much similar to the GRE exam. It mimics the real exam in its full-length practice tests. This test is recommended as the pre-study test and helps you to analyze your preparation.  Through this practice test, you will come to know about your time management skill, accuracy, and weak areas on which you have to focus more. No, doubt this is also one of the well-known preparation tests taken by many GRE aspirants to know their status of preparation.

3. Prepaway – Another best source to practice for your GRE exam is Prepaway GRE Practice Tests. It is famous among GRE preparing candidates as they like the quality of the questions and makes them clear about their level of preparation. After this test, you will get an idea about the actual exam scenario and the pattern of the exam.

4. Kaplan Tests – This is also by far one of the best GRE practice tests source which is trusted by many GRE candidates. The question quality of the tests is outstanding and very much similar to the actual questions asked in the actual exam. The practice tests of Kaplan are regarded as one among the most stringent tests, but it is evident that more robust tests will make you more competitive for the actual exam.

5. Princeton Practice Tests – In this practice tests you may find the more natural question as compared to Kaplan practice tests but the question quality is excellent and you may find similarity with the actual exam. The user interface of the practice tests is appreciated by many of the candidates who took the tests. All the sections of GRE syllabus are covered in these practice tests.

6. McGraw-Hill Practice tests – McGraw-Hill offers one free GRE practice test to their website. This is also a famous practice test and taken by many candidates before taking the actual exam. They find helpful and like the questions asked in this test. The best part of this practice test is you get an explanation to every question asked in the test, and you can analyze and compare it after the practice test.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the GRE Exam

If you are going to take GRE exam and preparing for it with all your effort, then you should follow some tips and tricks to help in achieving your goal my cracking the GRE exam and will fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

Though there are uncountable tips and tricks to follow for the GRE exam the general ones are:

Plan properly – Every exam needs proper planning to get cleared, and so the GRE. Sometimes because of new information and sudden decisions you do not have time to take the proper steps for your GRE exam, so it always good to prepare yourself in advance to avoid last-minute hurry.

Prepare with lots of practice tests – Practice tests are designed to make you prepare for your actual exam. There are plenty of resources available online to take practice tests. Some of the famous names are mentioned above in this article. You can take the number of tests to check your ability and preparation level.

Focus on your subject – As per your subject and syllabus, try to emphasize that. There are many subjects included in the GRE exam but give attention to the subject you are going to take the exam.

Use excellent study materials – Study materials will help you to prepare thoroughly for GRE, therefore try to choose the best quality material that has detailed information and explanation about the answers of the entire given question.

Time management is essential – Do not forget to track the needles of your watch at the time of practice tests as this will give an estimate of the time you are taking for the tests and helps your time management for the actual exam.

Take lots of practice tests and put your full effort for your GRE exam, you will achieve your goal if you are well-determined to do so. All the very best!

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